Being a Paralegal


What is a Paralegal and what is their role in the legal system?

A Paralegal is an individual who is highly trained in the law in different aspects.


What are some of the tasks/duties that a Paralegal does?

A Paralegal handles a multitude of legal and administrative tasks in many capacities.  Therefore, they can work for Solo Practitioners, Boutique or Large Law Firms, Government or Municipal Agencies, Non-Profit or Private establishments.

Some Examples include but not limited to are the following:

Intake/Screening Clients, Medical Record Retrieval, Document Review, Document Preparation, Trial-Prep, Court Filings, Drafting legal documents/petitions and much more. It really depends in the field of law that you are working in.  If you work for in a Family Law setting, then you will most likely be working on custody proceedings and other family matters.


Is a Paralegal limited to do anything?

A Paralegal cannot give legal advice and cannot represent anyone in Court.

Do I need a Paralegal Certification to be considered “qualified’’?

No.  Getting your certification is a choice.  However, you can go to school and study Legal Studies or Paralegal Studies as a major while pursuing an Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s degree.  Nonetheless, there are also Paralegal Certifications, that do not require prior schooling.


Can a Paralegal own their own business providing these types of services? 

Yes, we did it.  If you have a disclaimer and assure you convey to your clients that you are assisting them as Pro-Se Litigants, you should be okay.  And of course, always remembering the Code of Ethics.


Advice for prospective Paralegals?

Our profession is on the rise.  We are no longer just assistants we are a profession on its own.  Our work is rewarding, and we provide a full range of services on many facets to clients.  Furthermore, we make real personal connections and changes lives and communities.  Remember it is all about experience.

We are today’s Modern Superhero’s and the true pillars of every legal entity- Paralegals for the Community, LLC.

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