Our program encourages the growth of the paralegal profession, attesting to and encouraging a high level of achievement by providing one-on-one training in a legal setting.

Our firm has partnered up with various schools, universities, colleges, and programs throughout NYC and New Jersey.

For several years we have fostered and established relationships by hosting, attending, and creating workshops that mobilize the community.

We have been able to assist hundreds of families in petitioning their loved ones from over 35 foreign countries, renew/replace their green cards, apply for work permits, and apply for citizenship.

DISCLAIMER:     Paralegals FTC, Inc., is a non profit, tax exempt organization under section 501(c)3. We are a Paralegal firm and not Attorneys or a Law Firm. We cannot provide representation or give legal advice. Our firm provides non-attorney legal services to the community, law firms and other agencies.