A divorce can be complex and requires attention to detail to go through the court process efficiently.  Every state has different procedures and laws for completing a divorce.

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There are two common divorce types, Uncontested and Contested

How a Divorce is commenced

A divorce is usually commenced by a Summons and Complaint in most states.  It should contain both parties’ names, ground for divorce, date of marriage, place of marriage and if any specific requests are being made upon the parties (ancillary relief).

Grounds for Divorce

The most common ground for Divorce in most states is Irreconcilable Differences or Irretrievable Breakdown of Relationship. This is often known as a No-Fault Divorce, which means neither spouse has to provide the Court of any wrongdoing by the other spouse “prove the fault”. All States recognize this type of Divorce. Sometimes, this can be quicker and less expensive. There are other grounds for Divorce you can choose as your filing ground and they vary by State.

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Divorce FAQ's

  • What is a Plaintiff?

    The person who brings an action/case against someone else in a court of law.

  • What is a Defendant?
    The person who an action/case is being brought against in a Court of law.

  • Where do I go to get Divorced?
    In most states, you must file your Divorce at the appropriate Court in the County where you live.

  • How do I know my Divorce may be contested?
    If any issues for the children haven’t been resolved, any property that needs to be divided, or simply your spouse refuses to sign.

  • How long will it take for a Divorce to be final?
    It really depends on how busy the Court is. A reasonable time frame can be anywhere between 3-6 months.

  • Can I get Divorced without my spouse's signature?
    Yes! Usually, your spouse only needs to know about the Divorce. If they fail to appear or respond, you can proceed without their signature as long as you provide proof to the Court they were personally served with the documents.

  • Can you get your maiden name back?
    Yes! You just have to request it in the Divorce.

  • Do I need an Attorney to file for Divorce?
    It isn’t necessary to get an attorney when filing for divorce. However, complicated divorces with a lot of assets, debts and custody issues usually require the know-how of a savvy firm like ours who know how to navigate the system. If needed, we can connect you with an Attorney in our network to handle your case.



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