With all the recent changes that have been implemented, it’s no secret that the immigration process can be complicated, especially when you are unaware of the laws and procedures when entering and remaining “in-status” in the United States.

As experienced Paralegals, we can help you complete all the necessary documentation needed to successfully submit your petition to USCIS and monitor your case until a decision is made

Some of the most popular are:

N-400 Naturalization/Citizenship

Build a more secure future. Become a citizen today!

If you have a green card, take the next step.

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I-130 Petition for Alien Relative

Help a loved one migrate to the U.S with no obstacles


I-485 Adjustment of Status/Green Card

Become a permanent resident and gain the right to lawfully live

and work in the U.S!


Motion to Transfer Venue-immigration

Did you move or have an immigration case in another State?


We know how difficult it can be if you live in one State but your immigration court is thousand of miles away. You’ve come to the right place!

A motion to transfer the venue must be submitted in writing to move your case to a court near you.

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Motion to transfer venue-immigration

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